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December 27, 2008



Santa left a La Femme blush palette in my stocking! Who knew he shopped at camera ready cosmetics hehe :)

Lisa Lopez Kain

off topic but, a Louie Vitton hand bag I have wanted for a while now.... :)

Jackie Danicki

Not off-topic at all, Lisa!


Katira Hair Masque by Philip B. I haven't tried it yet, but I hear it's all the rage! Also, Trish McEvoy Translucent moisturizer that I love.


YSL lipstick in 66 which is my absolute favorite. Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara which creates some faboo lashes! My usual Burberry The Beat fragrance. My honey surprised me something even better than makeup! The new Lucky Brand charm bracelet collection inspired by the Beatles. They issued out a couple different variations: St. Pepper, Abbey Road, and All you need is love. Which I got the All you need is love version.


Frederic Malle En Passent, which might seem old-lady, but then, so might I.


Ed Hardy perfume and sparkling body lotion, I absolutely love it! Santa also left me some On10 lip balm in Sparkling Black Cherry Schwepps--the flavor is pretty mild but I love the SPF.


Santa stuffed my stocking with Laura Mercier "Caviar Dreams" nail varnish (fab), Chanel long-lasting eyeliner crayon in espresso (goes on so nicely and is waterproof to boot), and my favorite Shu Uemura mascara, which is just THE BEST.

Sally So

My husband got me a Chanel Handbag, which I completely love and adore.


Happy 2009! What great gifts you have received! I also love the La Mer body cream but have yet to try the lip balm. One of these days...


Clare D

The exhausting-to-say MAC Fascinating Ruby Smoky Eyes Holiday 2008 Palette - 6 eyeshadows, plus brush, in a gorgeously tacky case. My sister had one of her semi-regular "work trips" to Paris shortly before Christmas, so I made sure she went armed with my skincare wish-list. Several great French drugstore brands aimed at sensitive skin (mine) are difficult or impossible to find in the UK except online.

Nancy Rommelmann

Calvin Klein's Euphoria, from my daughter. Usually, I dislike CK fragrances, but this one, which I tried on while Christmas shopping, is wonderful, complex and sexy, and especially liked by, you guessed it, my daughter. Each time I put it on, she says, "Mama, you smell great." Now that's what I call a great gift x

Jackie Danicki

I'm a big Euphoria fan, too, Nance. I've worn it since 2006 but finally ran out. Time to re-purchase...

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