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June 16, 2008



You look radiant.

How many calories are you trying to take in? How's your energy level?

Ordinary diet plans make me feel weak and wobbly after a few days.


Hillary, much has been written about raw foods and their effect on the health of a person (a clear skin, clear eyes are all bonus benefits I think).

However with every change suggested, especially where entire food groups may be eliminated, I am inclined to ask - is it sustainable?

My additional curiosities are: Did you drink raw milk, or is pasteurisation not considered 'cooking'? I assume hot coffees are out on this regime. And what sources of proteins have you been using? Animal protein - except sashimi - would obviously be out.



Very cool. I gave up on the kale drink, though, and am doing more of a blender gazpacho (my favorite food anyway, at any time and for any reason), fruit and carrot stick routine with nuts and sparing fattier or cooked foods.

And this plan isn't even that "unusual" or unnerving for middle America - I'm trying to follow the Weight Watchers Core program, the goal of which is to retrain you into healthier eating for life by shifing a majority of your daily food intake to fruits, veggies and lean protein. It is working for me very well - deli sandwiches etc are out, the Monday bagel tray in the coffee room is out, and more fruits, veggies and my beloved soybeans are in. They aren't raw, but I can't give up my edamame.


That is awesome! Isn't it amazing how when you're eating really well, you feel so much better and look so much better? I've been reading so many dermatologist's books who feature diets as a part of their skin care plans & because of that my biggest accomplishment this year has been cutting back on sugar.

Crystal - Beauty or Bust

You look great Hill! Its never a bad idea to try something new for your health. Do you think you'll stick with it?

Hillary Johnson

Good questions, all:

I haven't been counting calories, but there are a lot of nuts and avocados in the recipes I'm making, so I think my calorie count is actually fairly high, eg, lettuce wraps with a macadamia nut "cheese" and walnut "meat" filling.

I have given up dairy for the time being, though I think raw unpasturized dairy is fine.

As for the dangers of cutting out food groups, I agree--I read recently that vegans tend to develop serious B vitamin deficiencies after a number of years. The only food groups I'm planning on cutting out long term are refined sugars and starches. I'm already using only natural sweeteners like agave honey and maple syrup. I dislike a lot of whole grains (too "health foody" for my snobby palate), but will be adding a few grains like quinoa back when I'm done with the 30 days.

As for sticking to it long term, it's clear to me that my daily eating habits will be radically altered after this, although I'm too much of a foodie to not want to experience other cuisines from time to time--there is no such thing as raw Indian food, and I will never give that up entirely. But how often does it come up, really, once every few weeks? And I will probably be ordering a salad at the pizza joint henceforth--saving the splurges for things I care about. Also, as I mentioned before, I am a meat eater, by both taste and constitution, so there will always be steak and raw fish in the regular diet--less often, smaller portions and better quality, I imagine.

Lastly, giving up coffee simply isn't an option in my life. My brother Din is a master coffee roaster, and I can't imagine giving up being a part of that fantastic family tradition. It would be like not eating your Italian grandmother's Christmas lasagna--a bridge too far, in my opinion. I have started to take it black, though, and I drink just one cup a day. Coffee is packed with antioxidants, and I don't believe caffeine in moderation is a terrible thing, and I love it.


All this sounds fair and maybe achievable. I do worry about it providing enough of a balanced diet though. Plus I'm a big that would mean I could only have cold soups like gazpacho?


You look absolutely radiant, Hillary.
I might try out the raw food challenge but only to lose some weight. I don't wear any foundation, concealer etc., nothing. I've lived in Fiji for a while and it's impossible to wear make-up there. After a while you get used to your bare face.

I have SLE and unfortunately my skin is affected but luckily I have no "butterflies" in my face although when I get spots/blemishes etc. they are always mirrored (not just on my face, if I get an itchy spot on my left arm I can bet on it that the following day there is one on my right arm).

nalo jones

I have not tried to live raw, but I have become a vegatarian and I have not lost weight but I have lost inches and the smell of meat sometimes smells horrible. Especially if it been fried, smells like burnt flesh. I may try and eat raw for 15 days.


I love that you feel you don't need to wear foundation! As I said before when you started - you'll really notice the difference. I'm not 100% raw at the moment (it's winter in Australia) but all my snacks are plus most breakfasts which is a start. Keep it up! Looking forward to seeing the day 30 photo!


Love this post! I am a big believer that the more vegetables you eat, the healthier your skin looks. I'm not a raw foodist, but I eat a lot of raw vegetables — start my mornings with raw almonds and choose soy/rice milk instead of cow's milk. It really does give a healthy glow. I've been a vegetarian for 13 years now and it really is one of the best decisions I've ever made. Good skin is just one of the great side effects!

Rachel Chase


You look awesome. It's a wonder what those leaves can do for your skin.

Are you still on the diet?


Hey, great site. Now I'll actually try eating raw foods after I've seen your skin--maybe throw in a little dry brushing, too! Thanks!


You look great with and without photoshop! Great effect with the photoshop! Looks fantastic!

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