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February 24, 2008



Did she cut her hair? Or is she just doing that tucked under thing to make it look like she cut it?
Either way...I agree...a little too matronly.


She looks awful and old. She reminds me of Julia Roberts character in Charlie Wilson's War.


I completely disagree! Her luminous complexion balances whatever "matronliness" you perceive in her hairstyle. I think Katherine looks fabulously retro! The adjectives "awful" and "old" did not come to my mind at all. Are we looking at the same picture?!

Jackie Danicki

It's called a difference of opinion. They are allowed.

Heigl will have time for hair like this in ten years. For now, she shouldn't fight her youth. She can pretend to be Norma Jean Baker when she's 50.


Well I think she looks gorgeous as always! "Awful and old"???!!! Don't think so. Wish *I* looked this "awful" and "old" LOL! I notice she's has some orthodontia done. Maybe thats old news, I'm not really a follow-the-stars type. I thought that little crooked front tooth you could see in her Roswell days made her look normal, as well as gorgeous!

Jenny P

I think she looks lovely...very old-Hollywood and classic.


I know everyone has their own viewpoints, but I truly believe that KH missed the mark big time here. I would never walk out of the house with that hair. She's had some fabulous hair moments, and some great old glamour styles, but this style simple makes her look old, minus the glamour.

Gisele B.

I'm so not a Katherine Heigl fan, but I have to side with Kelly here and state that she looked glorious and I don't think she looked old at all.

She looks mature...but not old.

Miss Gisele B.


I think it's the combination of the hair and the makeup that is so ageing here. There is nothing wrong with the hair, per se, but, well, in other shots that makeup just looks splotchy and overdone.

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