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October 28, 2007



I've had similar problems with the concealer. Of the two sides in the compact, one side is too sheer and slides off. The other side is too dry and tacky, and proves difficult to apply and blend. I think the trick is to use a good primer underneath; I use Clarin's Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch. Still, I would not purchase again; at .1oz, there is far too little concealer provided for the price. I'm surprised you didn't choose the creme blush or the loose powder, which (in my opinion) are the real stars of the Becca line.

Jackie Danicki

Mandy, I did ask for the PR to send me the powder to try (I've heard great things about it), but they were out. I guess I can see why!


I agree with you. I have no idea what we are paying for when it comes to BECCA.


I don't know about the rest of the line, but I love love the loose powder. Finishes up the face beautifully without looking cakey. Sometimes it's just mascara, neat eyebrows, and Becca loose powder.


My Becca concealer is one of my favorite products in my make up kit...but I'm prob bias, as I'm Aussie myself. I use the thicker side for covering up zits and the not so thick side for under eye bags. I also like it because with my skin tone (My background is Chinese), it's hard to find the right color that suits, and Becca matches my skin really well.

Love the blog, great reviews.


I haven't tried any of the products you mention, but I do like their Turkish creme blush. It's very natural looking... I use it on eyes (just under brows) and cheeks for a "natural" healthy glow.

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