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June 07, 2007



Oh my gosh i have this EXACT problem. A guy who i hardly know, but catches my bus came up to me the other day and asked if i hated him because i always gave him dirty looks and i had no idea what he was talking about!People always ask me whats wrong when i have my "neutral" face on and start apoligising to me for no apparent reason. i feel for you!


I think you are wrong. I ask you--is there such a thing as male bitchface? No. Because men aren't culturally obligated to be smiling, happy bundles of sunshine every fucking minute of the day. Relaxed MALE facial muscles are simply indicative of a neutral state of emotion.

Yours make you a bitch?

You are a good-looking woman (with fantastic eyebrows!) who at the moment this picture was taken had nothing in particular to
smile about. I don't see anger there at all.


I, too, have been accused of having bitchface when my face is just "at rest". Truth is, I'm a pretty happy person - always have been - and I don't spend my life in perpetual annoyance at everything and everyone around me. I just have strong features (I guess) and heavy brows that just conspire to make me look peeved.


I don't think you have a bitchface but I totally know what you mean. People ask me why I'm frowning and tell me to smile - even strangers. I guess my mouth just naturally turns down slightly when I'm not smiling - but who wants to go around grinning all the time?

Jackie Danicki

Margaret, thanks. I don't feel obligated to smile all the time (woe betide the person who tells me to "Smile!" or "It's not that bad!"), but my features do look a bit scowl-y when I'm not smiling. As Toya mentioned, a heavy browline can make a big difference here. I would post a picture of what I look like when I'm reading or deep in thought, but it's such a fug look that I can't bring myself to do so. It is, though, all in the brows.

Hillary Johnson

This may be the first time I've actually seen your face at rest, Jackie. But I'm confused, is being a bitch supposed to be a bad thing?

Seriously, I know what you mean. When I was in a particular region of India once, many years ago, I was under the impression that everyone there was angry all the time, from their expressions and tone of voice, until an Indian friend clarified to me that this was just how the regional language was spoken.


I used to get that all the time when I was a little girl. I got so sick of it, I kind of "trained" my face to have the teeniest, tiniest, vaguest trace of a smile so people would leave me alone. It's just about a millimeter of difference but it worked, thank God. I was sick of telling my friends I wasn't mad at them.


I dont think you have a bitch-face at all :P ..but I think you kinda have this strong , sharp look about you ..I think maybe if you lightened the color of your brows 1 or 2 shades and maybe considered having highlights or lightened your hair 1 or 2 shades you would look alot more softer ...just my oppinion ;)


I really think its ur brows that make u feel that way..have you ever tried re-shaping them ? I also think that if you plucked a feeeew hairs from the bigining of ur brows ( close to your nose )it would look alot adition to lightening them up abit so that it brings more focus to your eyes and not make u look as harsh.. and you're really lucky to have such beautiful eyes ! :)


Ah.. well, your facial features are just a little more severe and edgy. I think I'd like that a bit more than my problem. Whenever I'm resting my face, I look either sad or tired. And my face is sort of round, so people like thinking I'm cute and adorable when I'm really not quite that. Wish I could fix that somehow...

Amy Alkon

I think you look like you have something in your head...which doesn't look bitchy at all. I'd just deem you "serious" looking, as opposed to looking, at first glance, like a bubble-head.


I TOTALLY have bitch face and you have made my day knowing that I am not alone in the world. Sometimes I will arch my eyebrows a little and try a slight smile. But if I'm not focused on my outward bitchface


your "bitch face" makes you look exactly like Lauren Graham


Oh sister of bitchface-ness, I have long had this God-given "problem" but have learned to embrace it. The people that know me and love me know that its my "normal" look and I don't mean any harm. As for the people that just meet me and wonder about my wonderfully natural bitchface, I like to keep them guessing as to when I will snap.


I don't know if I have bitchface exactly, but I get told to cheer up all the damned time. So annoying! I have a large bottom lip, and my lips naturally turn downwards when they are relaxed, so I guess I look like I'm pouting most of the time.


oh my god i have a totally bitch face too. haha. many people have told me that they used to think i was some arrogant bitch when they first saw me. then again i *can* get quite bitchy when i want to. :)


Jajajaja! u funny! I love your eyebrows.


I feel you, I totally have bitchface. I've even been told so about half a dozen times!


Bitchface? You mean like 90% of us guys naturally have? No, darlin, you look very pretty, and interesting.


Actually, I think your face is very artistic. Great jawline and cheekbones, amazing eyebrows (don't do anything to them!) look like a writer or a stage actress...there is drama and poise in your features even when you don't move a muscle!

james nimmons

Ipeople must associate fine features at rest with aloofness. but thats totally not your problem. I think your pretty and delicate looking.

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