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August 09, 2006


Amy Alkon

What idiots. Will IP ban. Thanks for spreading the word. In the past, I've been comments spammed by people I can track down. I tend to call them at 3am to tell them how I feel about their hijacking a site I pay for to sell their crap.

Jackie Danicki

Well, Michael Rogers, VP at Pierce Mattie seems to think that I owe them special consideration in this instance, emailing me: "While I understand your position, could you have at least contacted us
and gotten the real story about this before you lambasted us on your

The real story is what I posted above. I'm all ears to hear explanations (my recent favourite was blaming bad PR practice on 'interns'), but I don't feel I owe any favours to the people who abuse my blog and my readers.

If I am wrong - and it would be great news for all concerned if I am - then I will gladly take back my criticism and apologise. But my evidence says I'm right, and I've seen nothing from Pierce Mattie to contradict that.

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