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May 01, 2005



I have searched the entire web, and I thankfully found you. but I am looking for websites with the ads for the different beauty prodects. the ones with the wonderful models adcampaining for lancome, chanel and who ever they are. is there a site like that or do you have a tip how I can look at them. the sites from the products do not have them, the ads are only on magazines. too bad, please, say this isn't so.

thanks, I will keep dropping by and reading your blog from now on. I like it.




I love your site and would like to exchange link with you. Feel free to visit my blog.

Have a nice day^_^

Fiona Costello


8 weeks ago I started a free online beauty chat forum and exchange site called Beauty Swap Shop.

Members can swap their beauty tips, buy, sell or exchange beauty products and advertise their jobs and sales opportunities within the industry.

Within the first 48 hours, we had 109 members. Membership has continued to grow fast on a daily basis.

I love jackandjill blog and hope we can work together.

For further details go to

With best wishes

Fiona Costello
BSS Website Owner


Fascinating site and well worth the visit. I will be back


Thank you for your site. I have found here much useful information...e


Found your site in google, and it has a lot of usefull information. Thanx.


Da nu Nahp

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