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May 29, 2005


Donna B

Jackie, I think the home versions just work more slowly, and sometimes that's annoying. I don't think it's a gov't thing at all - it's a corporate decision. (Why would the gov't care about hair products?)
For instance, the Crest White Strips you get at the dentist's office are about twice as strong & effective as the ones sold in Sav-On. But it's the exact same product, and one could, and should, buy it much more cheaply in the store and just get more of it. (It's not a prescription thing either way.)
(I thought the strips were fine, but am still using this special whitening gel on your teeth, which is way expensive- next time I'm going to Sav-On. But of course you know none of them work on crowns, which I have more than I'd like of...Ok, teeth & cars, both depress me, so let's get off of this topic.)


If the government didn't care about hair products, you wouldn't need a licence to buy half the stuff in Sally Beauty Supply - or to give someone a blow-dry in a salon. (I think you'll also find that there are regulations surrounding what you can buy from a drugstore versus what you can get in the dentist's or doctor's office.)

But yes, it could be that the home versions work more slowly. In which case, why not sell us the full strength product at salon prices? If it works, people will pay.

Donna B

Yes, it's the strength that's the difference, and I agree that we should be able to buy stronger, but apparently we are not worthy!
I've never had someone at Sally's tell me I needed a license. The reason they sometimes ask if you have one is to give you a professional discount, at least in the US.
And I guess I never finished what I meant to say - apparently many new products start out only available in salons, as the companies want the pros to be happy. Then in a few months or a year, it trickles down to the public, in beauty supply stores. I would imagine this is because salons have a stranglehold on the companies as to the volume of products they buy, as compared to consumers. (We aren't talking about drugstore hair products, just beauty supply stores- or at least I am! Many products never go to drugstores, and just stay in beauty supply stores. Not sure why this is.)


My hair dresser (on accident)gave me a loreal power dose twice in one month, my hair seems brittle and when she blow dried my hair alot of little pieces were on my smock.

I'm totally panicked, what should I do??


hi,i colored my hair twice a year since 6yrs.but now it's getting problem my hair are damage and brittle & dosent look healthy now, and my hair have big nice curl" but now coming smal curl and dry. what should i do with my hair to be same before???or what kind of treatment can i use?????????

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