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May 29, 2005


Amy Alkon

Great point, Jackie. What is it with these people who stick these dreadful flash things on their sites? My first impulse is rage, immediately followed by "where the hell is the 'skip' button"? What is this, a sort of corporate mid-life crisis playing out in abuse of technology?


People who know little about how internet users (read: people, not robots) use the internet are dazzled themselves by Flash movies when the web design agency shows them to them. They have no idea what frustration and worthlessness it translates into for the people they are trying to turn into customers (or trying to retain as customers). Worse, once you get into the meat of the site, there is nothing there of value. They think that people just sit there at the computer and take whatever's thrown at them, a captive audience. It's tied to Doc Searls's take on the word "consumer":

Consumer is an industrial-age word, a broadcast-age word. It implies that we are all tied to our chairs, head back, eating 'content' and crapping cash.

The companies who have Flash sites think in those terms. Happily, they are either swiftly changing their approach to the internet or going the way of the dodo.

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