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July 03, 2008



You look fantastic; glad to hear you feel as good - if not better - than you look!

Alice Bachini-Smith


I think that top picture is probably the best photo of anyone in the whole world ever. Seriously. Is the light actually shining *out* of your skin??

wow again.


You do look great. Did you get your hair done in Vegas? The color is very well done.


I'm tempted to try it just for the skin benefits alone!




I can't believe how much younger you look! Not that you looked "old" before, but you have such a glow about you here.


And yeah, that haircolor is perfect for you.

Green Woman

I'm impressed. 30 days did ALOT for you, girl. Your skin is indeed fabulous, and you can see a major difference in the width of your arms and waist.

Keep going strong!!!

See you back at RFT. :-D

George Wellendorf

The overall benefits re noticeable, however a closer skin pic could have been better to see the results. Still, congrats! Eating natural has a lot of benefits to your skin.

Nancy Rommelmann

Holy mackerel, Hillary. Another 30 days and there will be paparazzi xx

Crystal - Beauty or Bust

You look super-fabulous! Congratulations on sticking with it!


You look great ! How did you actually get through it though? I love to eat sweets and feel as if I'm addicted. Every time I try to give it up to eat healthy I fail.

Hillary Johnson

Michelle, I hear you. There are lots of raw sweet options. A banana-date-almond butter smoothie, for instance, is as narcotically sweet as a milkshake, and totally raw. If I ever just got a flat out sugar craving, I ate dates--and then promptly fell asleep for 20 minutes. But all cravings lessened greatly over time, I found.


Wow, you look amazing - I'm almost convinced a month of raw is worth it


This just proves that you are what you eat. Well done!


You mentioned that you returned to running - did you stop during the raw period? If so, why?


You look really good! I wish I could get my family to do a more healthy diet.
Thank you.


Morgan Johnson

I am blessed with a remarkable daughter.


You look great! I may try this challenge as well.


You have inspired me to take the raw challenge! I am on day three! You look great, congrats!


Congrats to you. You look great and your skin is glowing. But I really don't believe in eating raw veggies as the only source for good skin. Steaming the veggies is enough as raw. That's how most Asians eat their veggies. And when they want their veggies cooked they cook it in a variety of ways with fish. Fish is also one source of good nutrition for the skin, especially the ones with the omega oils.

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