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May 31, 2008



Have you ever tried Nads home waxing kit? I think it is brilliant,efficient,painfree, and smells good. Apparently, you can even EAT it, so if you ever run into money troubles again, it will kill two birds with one stone for you.


I had a similar triumph last week with the Poetic Wax kit and my upper lip.

I am in the process of letting my eyebrows fill out a bit -- my aesthetician is a lovely woman, but she's systematically trimming me down to a pair of Faye Dunaway style lines, so we're on a break.

I was afraid the whole DIY enterprise would be disastrous, but I have to say, Poetic Wax more than lived up to its reputation. I had to practice a bit on less visible body parts until I felt like I was good to go (inner wrists, then more daringly, the tops of my feet) but it worked great. And in two uses, the kit's paid for itself.


I think that's the at-home wax kid I use as well and yes it does work well (except I do experience a little pain... but as I've found the more you wax the less painful it becomes, so since you've been waxing for a long time that's probably why it hurts less).

However, I just wanted to warn you--- the chocolate one is terrible and didn't work for me! (my hair is not even that thick.) Don't waste your money! Plus "why fix something if it ain't broke"?

Love your blog, btw, and I have a critical eye when it comes to beauty blogs. =)

Hillary Johnson

I have had excellent luck with Parissa Soft Gel, which is indeed washable. I am not very hairy, so don't know how it would perform on coarser hair. The nice thing about it is that you can wash and reuse the strips, which helps keep the cost down even further. My one attempt at approaching the bikini area, however, resulted in some nasty broken blood vessels, so I use these only from the knee down, and on the lip and eyebrows, too.


In the spirit of investigation, I tried the Sally Hansen Express Wax and have to agree with C; it is not as effective. Not terrible, but the Lavender Spa is much better.


What is important to know: yes laser hair removal does hurt. But actually on every additional treatment it gets less because less hair is left to destroy. And the most important argument: after that maybe painfull treatment (really depends on the parts treated) you never need any hair removal again ;-)


I also have hair that is more course and thick due to my background.

The chocolate wax did not work well for me at all. I'd stick with the lavender spa if that works for you. However, I really needed to wax and all I had was that chocolate stuff, so I ended up using the Sally Hansen microwaveable wax for eyebrow, upperlip, and face on my legs and outer bikini line (even though I guess it's not mean for that, so I don't know if the makers would approve). It worked much better! It removed much more hair and was less painful. Also left less bumps. My best at-home waxing experience by far. Only problem: you get less wax in the tub because it's not meant for your legs! Also, I wouldn't recommend anything more than a basic bikini wax with it since it's not meant for the area. It's probably fine, though. Use your educated judgment, I'm no wax expert.

Jenna Marquez

I used to pay so much for regular waxing at my salon. It got pretty expensive, so I decided to try waxing at home. I bought a kit and tried it--it was easier than I thought it would be, but it took me a couple times before I really got the hang of it.

Now that I've done it regularly, I'm a pro! And the best part is that I'm saving money. I bought this kit: and it cost me as much as ONE TRIP to the salon for a wax job of my legs, bikini area and underarms. But I can use the kit several times--so it is totally worth it.

Anyway, great blog post and I may try this brand the next time I have to buy a kit just to see how it compares to the one I've already got.

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