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January 03, 2008



I am in love with Diorshow Mascara! I have never found a mascara quite like it. I also love to layer my lashes with Imju Fiberwig mascara for a final coat. Perfect combination! Everyday I get compliments on how great my lashes look. In fact, most of my friends are now switching to Diorshow because of my lashes!


I love Diorshow too. It's my everyday mascara. The brush is a little big but the formula is so great, it's worth it. I've tried the FIberwig too and it is so different (little fiber tubes) but still a good mascara. Overall, I like Dior's better though.


Whats another secret to my full lashes. I use Shiseido's base mascara before I use my Diorshow mascara. The base mascara is grey not white like most other products.

Therese Q.

I love Diorshow Mascara. It's the absolute best. My favorite is the limited edition Diorshow Black Out. It's extra black patented to create the perfect "doe" eye look.

cupcake sarah

Diorshow happens to be one of my favorite mascaras and I've tried a ton. I always go back to the Diorshow. I actually blogged about the mascara on my own website a few weeks ago. While I agree that the mascara might be much for someone with small eyes, it does wonders for someone who has medium to long lashes. No other mascara compares in my opinion and I think it gives a very dramatic, yet subtle touch.

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