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July 18, 2007



Origins Spot Remover. It's a salicylic acid gel that I'll put on a spot before bed. I've had my small bottle for 2 years and I wouldn't try anything else! I'm a huge Origins fan anyway though. I've been using their Checks and Balances cleanser for years.

deja pseu

I've sworn by Kiehl's Blue Herbal Spot Treatment for a the last two years. I've had it clear small pimples up overnight, and the big subcutaceous ones in a couple of days.


Salicylic acid is great for stopping out breaks but so is ascorbic acid for small spots. you can't leave it on too long but it takes care of outbreaks quickly.


Mosts acne washes work well if I don't use them all the time. The skin adjusts to the product and stops being as effective after awhile so it's good to rotate cleansers and creams frequently!

Jackie Danicki

Subcutaceous is an awesome word. Thanks, dp!

I use Clearasil's anti-blackhead wipes every night, usually, and those do have salicylic acid (I believe - must check).


Mario Badescu Drying Lotion (rave!) and Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel (bigger rave!).

My skin goes in a sort of low-key but constant cycle of little breakouts, and these help to keep them at bay. I also keep things under control with Philosophy's microdelivery peel once a week.

Jackie Danicki

Ooh, would like to try the Badescu line.

Yeah, I get compliments on my skin ALL THE TIME (which still surprises me, as I feel like it was only yesterday I had high school skin), but once a month it goes a little gross. I know I'm the only one who notices, but it still bugs.


I splash apple cider vinegar and water (about 50-50 ratio) on my face, then rinse with water. I am not kidding. I read about it on another message board, and I was desperate. It is amazing - my skin instantly felt smoother and softer. I know it sounds weird but try it - you really will notice a difference after just one time.

kate d.

My solution for clear skin? Differin Gel. You can only get this through a dermatlogist, so if your acne persists and no over-the-counter product seems to clear it up, definitely get a prescription for this. I've tried literally everything on the market, from salicylic acid washes and treatments to herbal at-home remedies like putting honey on spots, and Differin is the only acne product that works for me. Hope this helps!

Jackie Danicki

I'm now feeling sheepish for blogging about this, as my skin only plays up for a few days out of every month. Still, I'm going to have to try the apple cider vinegar!


md formulations sensitive wash, lotion and moisture. Sorted my hormonally bonkers skin out really quickly during early pregnancy, and has kept it that way.

Now, any recommendations for counteracting the effect of 2, 3 and 4 am feeds and nappy changes on my skin?


I'm not a shill for either company, but my skin is, um, tempermental, and the best routine I've found to manage it is a combo of Dr. Gross' alpha-beta peel pads and the BP gel you can order from's website.

Honestly, the BP gel is amazing. Within one week of usage I see a noticeable decline of outbreakage, and here's the icing: only $7.50 for a big 4 oz tube, so no huge investment. What've you got to lose? :)


I've never had any results with anything from Dermalogica, I cant stand their expensive do nothing line of skincare! With that said, I've had AWSOME results with biomedic's line which I came by accidently at a friends house when I used her skincare to take off makeup and wash my face. I was suffering from a bad headache and just needed to get my makeup off. I woke up the next morning and didnt believe that was MY skin??!! I've loved Biomedics ever since.


p.s. - I agree with the previous poster - Dermalogica is a Rip Off. Bah!


I love Dermalogica, but it definitely doesn't sort out my (at times very bad) skin. Nothing does - it's stress-induced, and no product in the world can fix that (except, perhaps, a Valium or two) ...

However, I bought a Zeno last week and used it for the first time this morning. It's supposed to use heat to directly kill the bacteria in a brewing spot, stopping it in its track. It's got a 30 day money back guarantee, so I decided it was worth the £129 I dropped for it (after all, that's 2.5 facials). I'll let you know how I get on with it, JD!

Luvi Marie

Salicylic acid seems work for most people and for those I know they tend to use this as their first method whenver the have outbreaks.
Judging by the results they get I'd say it works in most cases.


Hey - loving the Zeno so far. Three nearly-pimples stopped in their tracks.

Jackie Danicki

Woo! I'm definitely intrigued about this Zeno thing. Keep us posted, Jacq!


I adore Dr. Hauschka cleansing clay mask to help dry up blemishes and then I dab a little tea tree oil undiluted onto the area.


I've suffered through changing skin in the past year and after trying a variety of different routines, I've come up with this one to keep the breakouts down and cure existing ones

Morning: Basis clear soap/Nivea alcohol free toner/Eucerin redness moisturizer/concealer

Evening: The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil soap/Nivea toner/Eucerin redness night cream

For a spot treatment, Mario Badescu or Murad.

For a weekly mask, Queen Helene's Mint Mask.

Salicylic acid does not work for me and, in fact, if you are sensitive to it, will make your skin even more break-out prone.

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