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January 29, 2007



I've been through all sides of that particular dilema, governed as much by my budget constraints and the constant availability of M&S 5-packs.
I have just spent a couple of happy years buying 2 pairs of knickers for every bra from figleaves, or preferably bravissimo. However, now that I'm pregnant my only choices are governed by how potentially painful something looks when it comes out of the drawer in the morning. Big granny knicks have never been so appealing...

And as for getting something to actually match the Spacehopper-sized slings of my new non-underwired vile bras, I don't think such a website exists...

Jackie Danicki

You're PREGNANT?! Oh my gosh, congratulations, C! I am sooo pleased for you, my internet friend! (Okay, we've met in person, so I need not call you that, I guess.) Will email you for all the details.

Are you excited about the prospect of nursing bras? Heh.


I find it impossible to match my bra & knickers because I believe it is more important to match them to the clothes you are wearing. I.e. If you're wearing a black low cut top, you'd wear a black bra but if you're also wearing white trousers, you can't wear black knickers. Also, I find most fancy knickers aren't practical, they're usually too high waisted or give VPL. I've found seamless knickers that I love and I wear 99% of the time. If I have a hot date, well, that's a different story.


I'm a devil - mix and match! All my foundation garments are black anyway, so it's just a matter of mixing and matching whatever works at the time.

I'm faithful to my plain black Bonds 100% cotton bikini knickers, though. I'll never stray from their cute-yet-comfortable fit!

Jackie Danicki

Ebony, what are the seamless knickers you love? I'd love to try them!

As for VPL, I have to admit that I gave up caring about that long ago (okay, a few months ago). I honestly don't think anyone looks at my ass closely enough to tell, and even if they did, well, I just do not care if they can see the outline of my panties. How traumatic can that possibly be? (Don't answer that.)

Considering the above, it will shock no one to learn that I'm a mixer. I was never taught to wear matching sets, so it doesn't bother me if I don't. I've also never met a guy who cared if I was wearing a black bra with white knickers...and I think I'd be exhausted by the peculiarity of any man who did.


Elle MacPherson does very pretty maternity bras!

I don't every really bother matching. In fact, if I go to the trouble of wearing matching underwear my husband gets fairly over-excited. Most of my underwear is from the Elle MacPherson cotton hipster range - both the knickers and the thongs are super comfortable, and low enough that they never poke over hipster clothes. There's no bra in that range, so I can't match.

I love Elle MacPherson bras, but they are SO overpriced in the UK! I usually buy them when I'm back home in NZ (they're at least half the price there). I'm going to get refitted for that brand soon, and then order up large at Figleaves - God bless the exchange rate!


Sorry to double-post - the knickers I was talking about are 'Low Rise Micros' on the Figleaves site! They only offer them in black and white - but the full range has lots of pretty colours.


I guess it matters whether someone is going to see it or not. For a sexy date night, only matching and totally beautiful lingerie will do. Otherwise mix and match. Although I like to stay in the same color family. I've ordered from figleaves but I am still devoted to VS, they make the best bras in my opinion.

Jackie Danicki

I can never, ever find bras in my size at Victoria's Secret. It is quite annoying. What do they have against girls with big boobs?


My favourite seamless knickers are Ambra


I buy the matching set - I like how they look together. But lets be real, when I'm getting ready at 6am, most days I just put on whatever comes into my hand first, and thus am often quite badly mismatched. :P


I used to be all matchy-matchy, until I had the twins... and nowadays I'm just glad when I don't make that weird mistake of putting my underpants on inside out (God, it's not just me who does that is it?)

I just wanted to say thanks for the posts about Figleaves. They really do have a nice selection of non-ugly bras above a D cup, and it's nice to find new resources for that: I'm stuck in F cup hell. Thank you! Just placed a big ol' order there! I am so surprised at how lovely the Elle MacPhereson line is, wow. Sometimes the celeb products don't turn out so great, but her designs looks great. Too bad there aren't bigger cup sizes though, sigh.


Elle McP's range has been around a long time in the Southern Hemisphere (since long before I left NZ, ten years ago), so I think it's improved over time.


I'm in between on this comment- I would love to be all matching, but find that impossible to do with my schedule, my talent at losing clothing in the wash, etc. I try to keep things the same color at least.


I just placed a big order too - that is a great site, and so much better than the big swamp of bras at the department store. Thanks for the tip!


All for matchy-matchy myself, but Victoria Beckham (really) had a good tip: to wear a sexy bra with more sensible knickers in the same colour.
PS thanks for the mention - linking here from blogleaves today.


I know it's a rather late comment to here but I came across it looking for something completely different on this site... I have this bra in black and it is one of the most comfortable bra's I have ever worn. I also have the matching knickers but they are definitely not made for wearing once a week all year round, only for special occasions. The material is very flimsy.


Someone mentioned seamless knickers. Who makes them please & where can I get them in the UK ?

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