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October 29, 2005



This is one of the few exhibitions of modern art that actually makes everyone who sees it think - which is one of the reasons I am particularly outraged about this. Most modren art only reaches people, and even then it doesn't often have true meaning. This is a brave project that really truly has something to say, and Amir Normandi has been silenced for trying to draw attention to the misogyny of a large part of the world. Sick.

And where are the usual feminist voices protesting the treatment of women in the Middle East (or even protesting the closure of this exhibition)? Germaine Greer? Judith Butler? Anyone? Or is subjugation of females okay as long as it doesn't directly affect them?


Coming back and rereading my comment (with the benefit of a few hours' kip), I meant to say "Most modern art only reaches some people, and even then it doesn't often have deliberate meaning, just what the beholder perceives it to mean".

Basic Muslim

May God give you your full due for what you posted. Ameen.

Educated Muslim Woman

I think this is a gross mis-representation on the artist's part. Infact he has ridiculed all muslim women by suggesting that they put on a veil under threat. What is offending is the fact that he wants to stereotype all muslim women as being oppressed, where as they have their own lives, careers, and also why can't you understand that someone may willingly use a veil to cover her head (take christian nuns for example), some how you seem to be understanding in their case, which is ironic. just think about it

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