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May 10, 2005


Annabel Hobbes

I think it's quite funny, actually. And then I start thanking my lucky stars that I've got a manly man ...


I just can't see it, although I remember some boys from my youth who were inordinately fond of no.17 clear mascara...

Simon: Sure deodorant, which I find so overpowering that windows have to opened. On special occasions, e.g. wedding day, he'll indulge in just a splash of Chanel Antaeus. I noticed, but then I was standing particularly close to him for most of the day.

What he has started to use, and which I find more than mildly annoying, is my SKII moisturiser. It's far too rich for me, so I used it maybe 5 times in the winter. Imagine my splutterings on finding his huge paws gouging lumps out of it to rub on his attacked-by-caustic-grouting limbs. Still, at least one of us is getting our money's worth...


Rick spends far more time in the bathroom than I do every day. But I think he's reading.


As I've said before: a man who worries about his hair (or make-up) is not spending enough time worrying about my ass. That said, a little hair pomade shows he's got a bit of the aesthete in him. Okay to cologne, too, though not every day.

Donna B

Raker, so how do you like the SKII?? Is it as miraculous as the price? I tried mine once - have to read again how to apply it.

I like my guys to be masculine, too! But that includes looking good, starting with sunscreen - which many guys won't put on, and that is stupid. Also, if they get chapped lips...not so nice for either of us. (I have tried probably 15 different lip balms. Always up for a new one, but my 2 favorites are Vaseline - and I do use it every day - and the famous Kohl's.) (My main problem in this site is to not go on and on...)

That being said, I have a little story which might be funny. I met a guy at a party a couple of weeks ago, and thought he might be a wee bit young for me (though I love younger men). Turns out he was an actor/comedian, and he had just been on Extreme Makeover! Everyone at the party was coming over to him, knew him, etc. Anyway, he called and as we were talking about what we do, he asked if I made enough money to survive as a cartoonist. How rude! I haven't had that question in years! Then later on, he said his hair was coming in grey again (he is 49, looks 32 now - and the 49 him on the show looked quite the worse for wear, but that's a different story) and he said he felt funny dying it, but I said, oh no, don't feel that way, I think all men should dye grey hair - especially here in LA. So then he asked me if I colored my hair! Could this guy be any more presumptuous, as Cathy S would say? I would say not!

So this is all to make the point that I like it when men are well-groomed, which includes teeth-whitening, (Crest White-Strips go on sale for $20 at SavOn sometimes, smelling very mildly attractive, and, yes, coloring their hair. Oh, and a good haircut is pretty sexy.


I love clean men with a good haircut, but in trashy clothes and a bit of eyeliner! (If The Killers' Brandon Flowers would wear kohl pencil, he'd pretty much look like my ideal man, despite his smart clothes.)

Donna B

Although, on second thought, it's so hard for me to get the EXACT SAME HAIRCUT from my SAME hairdresser when I go, I can only say that I like it if a man makes a good try at getting a good haircut. And I don't find that Beverly Hills haircutters are any better. But of course, I keep asking around for a good one...

m c

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